James Gurney’s Living Sketchbook app

One of the most fascinating ways to see into the mind of an artist is to have the opportunity to look through their sketchbooks. This is not often possible; sketchbooks are frequently personal, full of unfinished thoughts and experiments and seldom volunteered for display by the artists themselves. When the opportunity does arise, it’s a […]

Portraits in the Wild, James Gurney

As I have pointed out in previous reviews, painter, illustrator and writer James Gurney has in recent years been bringing us a wealth of instructional material in the form of books, videos and his always informative and fascinating blog, Gurney Journey. Not only has he contributed significantly to the canon of contemporary art instruction (as […]

Gouache in the Wild, James Gurney

Unfairly overlooked among artists’ mediums, gouache is the neglected stepchild of watercolor — disdained by transparent watercolor purists (who I can’t help but picture as cartoon aristocrats, painting with their pinkie fingers extended), and looked at in confusion by oil and acrylic painters. (“Gouache? Isn’t that for designers? You know — illustrators?“) For those who […]

James C. Christensen, 1942-2017

James C. Christensen, a highly regarded illustrator and gallery artist who worked in the vein of fantasy, spiritual inspiration, and works tinged with the flavor of Renaissance portraits, died on January 8, 2017. Though there is a jameschristensen.com, it’s a commercial gallery’s site, and the images are watermarked (though not terribly so). A better source […]

Lars Lerin

Lars Lerin is a contemporary Swedish watercolorist who is well known and influential in his home country, but not as widely recognized here in the U.S. as he should be. Lerin’s approach combines a loose, seemingly casual application of color with strong underlying draftsmanship. The combination is particularly appealing in his portrayals of architectural subjects. […]

Tom Lovell (update)

Tom Lovell was a superb American illustrator who was active through much of the 20th century. His style ranged from straightforward, classically delineated realism to dramatically composed pulp magazine action to the more graphically designed illustrations often associated with cutting edge mid-century styles. Lovell was particularly influenced by his friend and fellow illustrator Harry Anderson, […]

Jehan-Georges Vibert

19th century French painter Jehan-Georges (Jean-Georges) Vibert was born in Paris and studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He was known in particular for his satirical portrayals of Roman Catholic clergy — particularly Cardinals — who he portrayed indulging in lavish lifestyles rather than performing their assigned duties. These paintings were popular in France at […]