Vermeer’s The Lacemaker

Because of his astonishing skill and the unfortunately small number of his known works, the enigmatic Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer probably has one of the highest masterpiece/oeuvre ratios in the history of art. Among Vermeer’s (and the art world’s) most notable masterpieces is a small jewel of a painting called The Lacemaker. It has on […]

Vermeer: Master of Light

Vermeer: Master of Light is a short series of videos from the National Gallery of Art in Washington that explores some aspects of Vermeer’s paintings, like composition, color and diffuse edges, that are characteristic of his work and make a Vermeer a Vermeer. The series can be accessed on ArtBabble. There are five episodes, plus […]

Vermeer’s Milkmaid in New York

It’s not that often that I get excited about the the occasion of a single painting crossing the Atlantic Ocean, except for those occasions when it happens to be one of the finest paintings by one of history’s finest painters, and particularly if that painter is Johannes Vermeer. Celebrating the 400th anniversary of the historic […]

A Vermeer in Rome

In a situation similar to the one I described in my recent article on A Vermeer Comes to California, Jonathan Janson, the director of the amazing Essential Vermeer web resource, let us know in a comment on that post that there is currently a Vermeer on view in Rome. Normally the southernmost location to see […]

A Vermeer Comes to California

There are painters, there are painter’s painters and then there’s Vermeer. Ever since I became entranced on seeing his work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York when I was younger, I’ve thought of Vermeer as less like other painters and more like an alchemist of light, an artistic sorcerer whose works transcend […]

Essential Vermeer

In my development as an artist, it’s taken me a long time to get over being intimidated by the great masters. Over the years, I’ve caught Raphael and Michelangelo making mistakes in proportion, Prud’hon cheating to fit a figure on a sheet of paper, even Rembrandt missing the mark. I eventually realized that the masters […]

Vilhelm Hammershøi

If I were to look up “muted palette” in my mental art dictionary, the definition would be a painting by Vilhelm Hammershøi. The Danish painter, active in the late 19th end early 20th centuries, was noted for his enigmatic, poetic interiors — sometimes empty, but frequently occupied by a lone figure. This figure was often […]