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Display Ads on Lines and Colors are image ads, with an image that includes the relevant text for your message. The ad will be linked to your website address.

There are two ad locations on the Lines and Colors blog:

• top of the right column (Zone 1). Ad size is 300×250 (“medium banner”): 1 week = $25, 2 weeks =$45, 1 month = $75.

• the second section of the right hand column (Zone 2): 1 week = $20, 2 weeks =$35, 1 month = $65. Prices given are for ads sized 300×250, but other heights can be arranged for this area.

If you don’t have the ability to create an image ad, I can put one together from your image and information for a nominal charge.

Payment is handled through PayPal, but no PayPal account is necessary, they just handle the credit card transaction.

I’ve stopped using an ad broker. To place an ad, please contact me directly at


Ad Policies:

Ads for Lines and Colors must be arts related (including music, theatre, books, etc.) and may not be animated.

Please note

I do not accept paid text ads, paid article placement, or any other attempt to artificially influence Google rankings with ads in the content area of my articles.