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X-Story, Vitaliy Shushko

X-Story, Vitaliy Shushko, animation
X-Story is an animated short (roughly 12 minutes) by Vitaliy Shushko.

At first, I thought this was a promo or incorporated animation for a game from a major company. Given the production values, length and level of accomplishment, I was surprised to find that this was an independent animation project.

I checked Shushko’s blog and found this described as his first animated short, and that it was two years in the making.

For an indy project like this, even though he had assistance (please see the Vimeo link for credits), I’m not surprised it took that long.

The story (which can be slightly gruesome in places) is not the point of this for me; it’s the level of storytelling, production, design and realization.

I’ve seen indy animation projects at a high level before, but they’re usually much shorter.

This is done in an anime-influenced style (particularly with reference to Otomo’s classic Akira), but it doesn’t succumb to the stylistic excesses that sometimes plague that genre. The design feels fresh and direct.

I hope somebody throws lots of money at Shushko, so he can keep producing animations like this.

View the video at full screen; my small screen captures don’t do the visuals justice.

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Bury It

Bury It Chvrches and Haley Williams, animated by Mighty Nice, Jamie McKelvie
Bury It” is a very nicely realized animated music video for a song by Chvrches and Haley Williams — animated by Mighty Nice with a design direction established by comics artist and illustrator Jamie Mckelvie, who has worked with the band previously on poster designs.

I’m not certain if Mckelvie actually directed the short or just provided artistic direction, I didn’t find detailed credits.

The video has something of a super-hero/sci-fi theme about powers of telekinesis, but any story is really secondary to the look and feel.


Gobelins students’ animations for Annecy 2016

Gobelins students’ animations for Annecy 2016
Each year students from the graduating class of the remarkable Gobelins, l’école de l’image (Goeblins School of Communications) in Paris are divided into teams that create short animations to be used as introductions to each of the five day’s events at the Annecy International Festival of Animation.

The emphasis is on 2D hand drawn animation. This year’s theme is “France in the Spotlight”.

One of the films, Au Lapin Agile, portrays Picasso and other artists at one of their cafe hangouts, in which a fistfight erupts into splashes of modern art genres.

You can see all five shorts on YouTube, as well as on the on the Gobelins (FR) website.

(Note: images above are just screen caps from each of the five films, not clickable embeds. Please follow the provided links to view the films.)


Animation for Ma’agalim – Uri Lotan

Ma'agalim, Jane Bordeaux; animated video directed by Url Lotan
Ma’agalim is a beautiful short animation (3:30 minutes) directed by Uri Lotan. It is the music video for the song of the same name by Jane Bordeaux.

It portrays a mechanically animated wooden doll in the revolving scene of an arcade amusement, walking in pace as the landscape rolls beneath her feet.

If you click the “Read more…” link on the Vimeo page, you will see someone’s translation of the song lyrics, as well as a more complete credit list for the film.

Given Lotan’s film credits — which include Hotel Transylvania II — I have to assume that this is done with CGI; but the textures are so real and visceral, I have to wonder.

However it was done, it is wonderfully realized, emotionally touching and superbly art directed and produced.

View it in full screen mode.

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Forms in Nature

Forms in Nature, animation
Forms in Nature is an animated short film (2 minutes) in which natural and man-made forms are compared and contrasted within a carefully constrained and artfully orchestrated set of design parameters.

Largely focused on a central circle, the most basic of geometric forms, the images follow one another, often in shared screen transitions, in a way that encourages thoughtful and pleasurable re-viewing.

The vector art is beautifully realized and the entire animation is a visual and intellectual delight.

Intended as part of what I hope is a larger series, the production is credited to “Chromosphere“, a collaborative effort by Kevin Dart, Stéphane Coëdel, David Kamp, and Nelson Boles.

You can see more of their work here.

There is an extensive page devoted to the making of Forms in Nature on Motionographer.

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Mother, animaged short
Mother is a touching and beautifully realized animated short (5 minutes) about the weight of maintaing a family and household.

The film, done in a Japanese influenced style [correction: I’m told the style is Korean], was made by a group of third-year students at Sheridan College.

The group, led by Stephanie Chew, calls themselves Studio Kokorosh. (For full credits, please see the Vimeo page.) They have a blog with concept art and preliminary images as well as screenshots from the film.

Mother has been nominated for Best Student Film for the Annie Awards, and the group is currently trying to crowdfund a trip to the awards presentation.

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