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Piotr Jabłoński

Piotr Jablonski, concept art, digital painting
Piotr Jabłoński, who also goes by the handle “nicponim”, is a Polish concept artist from Bialystok. His clients include Applibot, Inc., Cloud Share Inc., Evermotionvfx, Platige Image and VFX workshops.

Jabłoński works digitally in Photoshop, but achieves nicely painterly look of natural media in his application of color.

His subjects are often dark and moody, and his restrained palette follows suit. He utilizes atmosphere and texture to give his compositions a simultaneous feeling of dream-like fantasy and visceral reality.

There is an interview with Jabłoński on that includes a step through of his digital painting process.

He is represented in the U.S. by Richard Solomon Artists Representative, and their page for his work also includes a process step-through.

For a more thorough process tutorial, there is an extended video of his process on the painting shown above, bottom, available through Gumroad.

[Via ArtStation]


X-Story, Vitaliy Shushko

X-Story, Vitaliy Shushko, animation
X-Story is an animated short (roughly 12 minutes) by Vitaliy Shushko.

At first, I thought this was a promo or incorporated animation for a game from a major company. Given the production values, length and level of accomplishment, I was surprised to find that this was an independent animation project.

I checked Shushko’s blog and found this described as his first animated short, and that it was two years in the making.

For an indy project like this, even though he had assistance (please see the Vimeo link for credits), I’m not surprised it took that long.

The story (which can be slightly gruesome in places) is not the point of this for me; it’s the level of storytelling, production, design and realization.

I’ve seen indy animation projects at a high level before, but they’re usually much shorter.

This is done in an anime-influenced style (particularly with reference to Otomo’s classic Akira), but it doesn’t succumb to the stylistic excesses that sometimes plague that genre. The design feels fresh and direct.

I hope somebody throws lots of money at Shushko, so he can keep producing animations like this.

View the video at full screen; my small screen captures don’t do the visuals justice.

[Via digg]


Slawek Fedorczuk

Slawek Fedorczuk, illustration, character design, concept art
Slawek Fedorczuk is an illustrator, character designer and concept artist based in Warsaw, Poland.

Fedorczuk has a springy, energetic style with blocky geometric shapes forming much of the natural environment, giving his image a cartoon-like verve.

His palette ranges from muted to high-chroma, depending on the demands of the image, with touches of texture adding dimension and atmosphere.

Fedorczuk’s web portfolios don’t give much information about his background or projects, but his Behance galleries are divided by project names.

I particularly enjoy his series of illustrations for a project called “Witch’s Forest” (character with red hair, images above).


Richard Wright

Richard Wright, concept art, illustration
Richard Wright is an illustrator, concept artist and matte painter based in the UK. Beyond that, there is no bio information on his website or ArtStation gallery.

His work is richly atmospheric and textural; his colors chosen to evoke mood and drama. I enjoy his use of suggestion in backgrounds, whether for environmental elements or distant objects, at times rendered in almost flat low-contrast sihlouette.

Wright’s work was featured in the June, 2016 issue of 2dartist magazine.


Mateusz Urbanowicz

Mateusz Urbanowicz, concept art, illustration, watercolor
Originally from Poland, Mateusz Urbanowicz is a concept artist, animator, illustrator and painter currently living in Tokyo.

Urbanowicz works in ink, watercolor, gouache and acrylic gouache, as well as in digital media. On his website and other online portfolios, you’ll find a selection of his professional and personal work.

I particularly enjoy his series of Tokyo Storefronts, as well as his Bicycle Boy illustrations, and his Mottainai NHK TV commercial backgrounds.

In his ink and watercolor approach, his loose, confident application of color over a foundation of solid draftsmanship gives his compositions a strong visual appeal.

There is a page on his blog about his tools, and a series of videos on YouTube, some of which are process videos for paintings, and some of which are animations. You can find prints of his illustrations on society6.


Amei Zhao

Amei Zhao, concept art and illustration
Amei Zhao is an illustrator and visual development artist based in Sydney. She has a bright, graphic style that uses theatrical lighting to nice effect. She has a minimalist approach to her shapes, foregoing detail in favor of color and the textural effect of smaller shapes.

Many of her pieces show a character apparently wandering through various environments, though I’m not certain if these are for the same project.