Dean Cornwell WWII advertising illustration study

Today is Veterans Day here in the U.S. A friend of mine — painter, comics artist and animation artist Mike Manley — has this wonderful study by the great American illustrator Dean Cornwell hanging in his house. The final was an illustration for the Fisher automotive division of General Motors, urging the public to buy […]

Dean Cornwell magazine illustrations

Francis Vallejo points us to a wonderful Flickr set containing scans of magazine illustrations by the great American illustrator Dean Cornwell. Cornwell studied with Harvey Dunn, a student of the amazing Howard Pyle, and also with Frank Brangwyn, carrying forward the intensity, power and superb draftsmanship that were the hallmarks of those great illustrators’ work. […]

Dean Cornwell in Illustration Magazine

As I mentioned in my previous article on Dean Cornwell, he was a second generation inheritor of the traditions of the Brandywine School of American illustration, having studied with Harvey Dunn, a student of Howard Pyle. Cornwell’s other major influence was painter and muralist Frank Brangwyn, with whom he studied when he turned his career […]

Dean Cornwell

Dean Cornwell, often referred to with the appellation “The Dean of Illustrators” tacked on, was a second generation inheritor of the Brandywine tradition of illustration, having studied with Harvey Dunn, a student of Howard Pyle and an eminent teacher in his own right. Cornwell carried the Brandywine traditions of bold figures, bright colors and dynamic […]

Saturnino Herrán

Though the internet has greatly facilitated the exchange of cultural information between nations in recent decades, there are still large gaps in the general awareness of art between some nations. With the exception of one famous couple, few painters from Mexico are well known here in the U.S. — despite its proximity and rich cultural […]

ImageS Magazine 13 released

Back in May of this year, I wrote about the effort to publish The Vadeboncoeur Collection of ImageS #13. Long time publisher and classic illustration enthusiast Jim Vadeboncoeur was looking to KickStarter to raise the funds to publish the the ultimate issue of his 13 year labor of love, with a fantastic selection of classic […]

Tom Root

Tom Root is a painter and portraitist who studied at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in Connecticut and the Ringling School of Art and Design in Florida, and currently resides in Tennessee. Root’s work often has a fascinating quality of combining elements of drawing and painting in the same piece. In many of his […]

Heritage Illustration Auction Oct 13-14

Heritage Auctions, which showcases illustration more often than the high society auction houses, has an illustration auction in New York this weekend, October 13-14, 2012, that features some superb examples of Golden Age illustration. Here is the link for the online catalog, and the list of featured images (I’m not sure how long these links […]

Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions is an auction house that, like Sotheby’s, puts images of their items to be auctioned, notably including artworks, online in relatively high resolution. Unlike Sotheby’s (and Christie’s), Heritage doesn’t constrain its hi-res images to a zooming box; instead giving you a high res image that you can view as a whole. The tradeoff, […]

Harvey Dunn

The great American illustrator Howard Pyle was influential both in his own work and as a teacher whose ranks of students contained a generation of America’s finest illustrators. Artists like N.C. Wyeth, Frank Schoonover, William James Aylward, Elizabeth Shippen Green, Jessie Wilcox Smith, Violet Oakley, Maxfield Parrish, Ellen Thompson Pyle, Olive Rush, Phillip Goodwin, Stanley […]

Frank Brangwyn, R. A.: The Way of the Cross

When I first wrote in 2006 about Frank Brangwyn, the superbly accomplished painter, muralist, watercolorist, illustrator and printmaker, there were only a few scattered resources on the web, and very little in the way of available books or other printed material. Since then, more resources have become available on the web, and I’ve listed some […]

Brett Helquist

Brett Helquist is best known for his illustrations for the popular A Series of Unfortunate Events children’s books by “Lemony Snicket” (Daniel Handler). Helquist was born in Arizona, grew up in Utah, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Brigham Young University, and currently lives and works in New York City. He […]

Eric Bowman

Eric Bowman is a painter and illustrator originally from Southern California and now based in the Pacific Northwest. After years as a successful illustrator, Bowman is apparently focusing on his passion for plein air painting and figure work. His painting site has galleries of recent work, an archive of older work, and figure studies. He […]

Scott Altmann

Here we go again, another intriguing young (I presume) illustrator who provides little background information on his own site, so I’ve dug around for what I could find. Altmann graduated from the Illustration department of the School of Visual Arts in New York. He lists his favorite comics artists as Winsor McCay, Geof Darrow and […]

Frank Brangwyn

Frank Brangwyn was a unique and individualistic painter, water colorist, illustrator, muralist and graphic artist who is hard to categorize. Critics had difficulty classifying him while he was active and writers still have difficulty today. Unfortunately, he often unjustly winds up in the “forgotten Victorian painters” bin. From the grays of his early marine paintings, […]

Frank Reilly

Some artists have as much, or more, impact as a teacher as they do as an artist. Although Frank Reilly had been fulfilling assignments as a professional illustrator even while he was still a pupil at the Art Students League, it was on his return there as a teacher that he would make his greatest […]

Howard Pyle

If we look at art over the course of time, we see an intricate web of the influences of one artist on another; influences that, in their crossings and re-crossings, eventually weave the tapestry of styles that we call art history. Howard Pyle, who is often rightly called “The Father of American Illustration”, is one […]