Leah Palmer Preiss (update)

Since I last wrote about the wonderfully eccentric illustrations of Leah Palmer Preiss back in 2007, there haven’t been many additions to her web site (which seems to be in a kind of “under construction” twilight zone), but she has been putting her attention into a blog that she started shortly after my article appeared. […]

Leah Palmer Preiss

Illustrator, calligrapher and puzzle maven Leah Palmer Preiss lists her influences as “medieval manuscripts, Mad magazine, art nouveau, Alice in Wonderland, Morse code, Persian miniatures, Monty Python, scientific illustration, 17th Century poetry, Flemish Renaissance paintings and the art of the insane”. If that sounds like an insane combination, it’s wonderfully so, and her quirky, funny, […]

Andy Paiko

Andy Paiko is a glass artist who creates glass sculpture as well as sculptural vesselware and traditional vesselware. I suppose “gothic” might be a term applied to his fascinating constructions of ornately crafted glass that often incorporate the skulls of small animals, spine-like constructions and other natural elements in ways that are slightly creepy but […]

Jessica Joslin

Jessica Joslin makes unusual objects that are a collision of sculpture, assemblage, jewelry and perhaps taxidermy. Seemingly displays in an unnatural history museum, Joslin’s sculptures consist of bone (real, cast or modeled), brass, sculpted and painted leather, beads, lamp fittings, wire, machine bolts, pins, feathers, pewter, glass eyes, and various antique hardware items arranged into […]