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  • M.C. Escher

    M.C. Escher’s visions of strange worlds, impossible objects, and incredible tesselations form an extraordinary bridge between art and mathematics. Critics often revile Escher and try to dismiss him as a creator of “decorative patterns” and “visual tricks”; and of course, he can’t possibly be a great artist because he’s (ugh!) popular with the (gasp!) masses!…

  • Portraits of the artist’s father

    Some portraits of artist’s fathers. (Images above, [links are to relevant Lines and Colors posts]: Albrecht Durer, Pablo Picasso, William Macgregor Paxton, M.C. Escher, Maarten van Heemskerck, Laura Knight, Nikolai Fechin, Rembrandt van Rijn, Jules Bastien Lepage)

  • Rob Gonsalves (1959 – 2017)

    Robert “Rob” Gonsalves was a Canadian painter adept at crafting images in which reality appears to bend back on itself, connecting with a twist in a kind of mental Möbius strip. Though some would inaccurately consider his work to be Surrealism (which is specifically supposed to be derived from the unconscious mind or dreams), it…

  • Eye Candy for Today: Parmigianino’s Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror

    Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror; Francesco Mazzola, called Parmigianino Oil on curved wooden panel, roughly 9 inches (24 cm) in diameter (without frame). Link is to zoomable version on the Google Art Project; there is a downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; the original is in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, which also has both zoomable and…

  • Stephen Biesty

    Ever since I was old enough to stare goggle eyed at them in children’s books, or in my fathers Popular Science magazines, I have always loved cross-sections, exploded views and cut-away illustrations. There’s something magical about seeing the inside and outside of a complex structure or vehicle simultaneously, like penetrating the surface of reality with…

  • "Selfies" #3

    OK, I know that the original joking premise of these posts has worn a little thin, but the self-portraits are as strong as ever. (Images above, w/links to my posts: Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin, Arnold Böcklin, M.C. Escher, Alice Pike Barney, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Käthe Kollwitz, Norman Rockwell, Gerrit Dou)