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Eye Candy for Today: Inness On the Delaware

On the Delaware River, George Inness. On Google Art Project, click in lower right of image for zoom controls. Original is in the Brooklyn Museum. Even in his earlier, more realist works, a master of suggestion. See my previous post on George Inness.  

My Articles for

I was asked to be the “Category Expert Writer” for a period of several months in 2013-2014, writing articles for the category of Painting: These were my contributions. February 2014 An Introduction to Plein Air Painting Beautiful Highlights from the History of Landscape Read More …

Picturing Autumn on

Here in the northern hemisphere, today is the first day of Autumn, AKA the Autumnal Equinox (and of course it’s the beginning of Spring down under, where they do everything upside backwards). An equinox is a point in the Earth’s orbit in which the tilted Read More …