Lines and Colors art blog

“Orisinal: Morning Sunshine” is a collection of small Flash based games by Ferry Halim. Everything about this site is a cleverly done, from the elegant design of the games themselves to the amusing rollover effect of the initial thumbnail gallery.

Even if you never play games, it’s worth clicking into the game interfaces far enough to see the design and illustrations. (Go past the instructions to the actual game.) The illustrations often have a pastel/watercolor charm that would be suitable for children’s books. You can just think of it as a gallery in which the artwork happens to move and be interactive.

If you’re into motion graphics experiments and effects, scroll down on the main page to the text links for “Old Experiments”.

Then click over to this site’s flip side: The Second Vision to find links to the artist’s professional motion graphics and Flash game work for The Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and others.