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Mike Weiringo

Mike Wieringo
Mike Wieringo is a comic book artist most familiar for his work on Tellos and his well received run on Fantastic Four. His drawings have an easy confidence and playfullness of line that make them particularly appealing as pencil drawings. The site gallery has lots of his pencils, unfortunately reproduced kind of small. Fortunately, Mike has started a blog in which he often posts his drawings nice and big.


2 responses to “Mike Weiringo”

  1. Phat site, dude.

  2. Mark 'Comicboy' Ninness Avatar
    Mark ‘Comicboy’ Ninness

    Hi, My prayers and warm wishes to mikes family.
    I’ve watch closely on mikes works in the comic business and have TELLOS and the run on Fan4 that he did and As well as ‘how to draw’ books with wizard mags.
    I was sad to find out the when i check out myspace and looked at the blog section.
    Today was the hardest day to draw.
    Ringo is in my mind and in my heart and in my comic box.

    Yours truly.