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Authur Mount
Arthur Mount is a California illustrator who does crisp, elegant vector illustrations for a variety of clients, editorial and commercial. He has an eye for pulling the the important essentials out of a face or landscape. Unlike a lot of minimalist illustrators, he manages to leave enough elements of shadows, texture and suggestions of modeling to provide real visual interest without sacrificing simplicity.

The site is nicely done in Flash, except that you have to know to click on the tiny link for “Illustration” on the left to get to the heart of the site: the galleries. Once that menu opens, choose from “People, Places or Things” to finally access the gallery interface.


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  1. Thanks for the compliments.

    I haven’t yet heard that clicking on the “Illustration” link is unintiutive. I suppose it’s the same as clicking on a “Portfolio” link on any portfolio site. I wanted to have the “Recent Projects” section the foremost section on the site, which, of course, showcases new work. I’m open to hearing your suggestions to improving the site. Thanks.

  2. It just seems that the navigation to the illustration gallery, which is really the heart of the site, could be more obvious and inviting.

    The links are rather small on a page with a fair bit going on (a side effect of having the site open to the new work/news page rather than the old home page). Also, you have to drill down three times before you see the first full size image and feel that you have left the News page and arrived at the gallery.

    My thought would be to make the “Illustration” link more inviting than the rest of the links. I would also have a click on “Illustration” immediately open to a default section of the gallery (probably “People”), and have a default image open (perhaps random) rather than requiring the second and third drill-down.

    I should point out that, other than that, I think the site is suberbly crafted and beautifully designed.

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