Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes
Comics artist Adam Hughes is justly noted for his ability to draw beautiful women, among other things. He has an ability to draw strong women characters with real faces, avoiding many of the common cliches of comic art portrayals of women. The galleries here consist largely of his cover art for Wonder Woman, Tomb Raider and Cat Woman. They are beautifully done and the gallery images often include the black and white ink drawings next to the finished color cover.

Don’t miss the “Sketches” section, tucked away behind the “Info” Link.

2 Replies to “Adam Hughes”

  1. amazing,love the persective and the full colour version has such a good ambience about it, personal fav!

  2. Great Blog man! Always love Adam Hughes! Ashley Wood and Phil Noto is also great at drawing female. Love them.

    Don’t know if you write about Daniel Dociu yet, he is ONE of the most amazing artists I’ve ever seen
    Just google his name, you will find cool stuff.

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