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William Whitaker
William Whitaker ia s contemporary American realist who paints mostly portraits and full length figures of women in a refined painterly technique. The paintings are sometimes accompanied by nice detail images. The galleries are somewhat awkwardly arranged but it’s worth clicking around. The Retrospective Galleries are kind of tucked away and they contain 50 works.

The site features several step-by-step painting demos as well as some notes on technique.


2 responses to “William Whitaker”

  1. I think we were art students together in San Miguel de Allende in Spring of 1967. You are looking a lot like our former mentor – Alvin Gittens. I don’t know where your name came up – a magazine, something and I remembered a Bill Whitaker – and singing Walking With My Baby Down By the San Francisco Bay – 41 years ago.

    I went from art to acting in 1982 and changed my name to Jessica – but still paint under the name Wicken.