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Ask comics fans about Alex Ross and you’ll get mixed but strong opinions. Many think his highly rendered watercolor and gouache comic illustrations “inappropriate” for comics storytelling, others find his work exciting and beautiful. I fall into the latter camp and have a tremendous respect for his water media technique. I also have no problem with his extensive use of photographic models. I feel that practice falls squarely in the tradition of great comic illustrators like Hal Foster, Alex Raymond and Al Williamson. Much of the most interesting art is to be found in the Ross Report newsletter section of the site.


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  1. I loved Alex Ross’s magazine illustrations years ago, but really liked his later fine-art watercolors best.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, that’s another Alex Ross. I’ll dig for some information on that.

  3. […] Christopher Moeller is an illustrator and comics artist who is one of the foremost proponents of fully-painted comics art. Rather than the traditional um… lines and colors format, each panel is a painted image. Many painted-comics artists use watercolor (see my post about Alex Ross), but Moeller uses an opaque medium (it looks like acrylic or possibly gouache). There are only a handful of artists who can really make this work and Moeller is superb at it. […]

  4. I love Alex Ross’s artwork. He is amazing! Genius!

  5. Matthew Avatar

    Could anyone tell me what comic book/graphic novel the above image was taken from?

  6. @Matthew: It’s the scene from the 1st installment of a 12issue comicbook (limited) series by DC, called JUSTICE.
    You can get more info at this wiki-entry:
    Also there’re ISBNs for the collectible editions of the book, in case you wanna have’em. All the best.

  7. […] Ross, who I profiled briefly in 2005, is an American comics artist and illustrator known for his work in the “fully painted” […]