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Steve Mumford

Steven Mumford is a New York artist who has made several trips to Iraq during the war and recorded his observations in a series of remarkable pen, inkwash and watercolor drawings. The images range from intimate portraits of soldiers to battlefield scenes to pictures of the local citizens who were much less reluctant to pose for an artist’s pen than they might have been for a reporter’s camera.

This posting of his Baghdad Journal is part of the Artnet online magazine. The drawings are beautiful, scary, immediate and revealing in a way photographs couldn’t be. The work has now been collected in a book published by Drawn and Quarterly.


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  2. hi steve,
    this is alice – australian, we met at the National gallery. don’t have much confidence that this will reach you but just wanted to say that i looked at your work and it is amazing. i feel honoured to have met you. if i ever do make it to new york for art school hope you can give me some pointers.

  3. Looking for colors that represents the Iraqi war… Thanks..

  4. Looking for colors representing soldiers of Desert War in 1991..