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Van Gogh’s Drawings

Van Gogh - Cafe on Place de Forum, ArlesA few years ago I had the chance to see some of Van Gogh’s drawings at an exhibit in Philadelphia. I was stunned by how beautiful and how accomplished they were. Even though publishers tend to bypass his drawings in favor of the more popular paintings, I had seen some reproduced, but drawings suffer even more than paintings in reproduction. I didn’t realize how powerful the actual drawings were until I saw them in person.

A must-see exhibition of Van Gogh’s Drawings has just opened at the Met in NY and runs to 12/31/05. The link below is to the online gallery in the Met’s exhibit listing. The images reproduced here are not large and there aren’t very many of them, but it’s a taste.


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  1. What a fantastic find (both your blog and a new show at the Met)! I’ve been browsing through old entries, and loving every second. As far as Van Gogh, I’m heading up to NYC before the end of the year – I’ll definitely make it a point to stop by the Met.

  2. If you’re really into van Gogh, you might want to read a book I recently reviewed on my blog . It isn’t a new book, but there are still so many old theories floating around about his illness that I found it interesting to read this study pinpointing it as hereditary acute intermittent porphyria rather than depression, schizophrenia or bi-polar syndrome.

    Wish I could get to NY for that exhibit.


  3. Glad you like the site, Brandi. Thanks. There’s also a show of British Drawings and Watercolors in NY at the Morgan Library. (Link on the sidebar at right) It’s from their permanent collection, but they have one of the best collections of drawings in the country.

  4. Nita, I stopped by your blog and read the post about Van Gogh’s illness. Very informative. Thanks. I’ve added your blog, Exploring Color & Creativity, to my blogroll.

  5. Woooo … this is one of my favourite paintings!! Have a smal night light with this painting on it at home too. 🙂

  6. Eddie Moses Avatar
    Eddie Moses

    What a wonderful drawing – the painting is also wonderful but the drawing obviously came first and is a real find. Thanks for sharing.