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Nowhere Girl

Nowhere Girl
A subtle, emotional web comic about a young woman coming to grips with her situation, choices and sexuality. Solid drawing, subtle colors and good storytelling make this an effective slice-of-life comic story. Author/artist Justine Shaw has an eye for real-world details that give her drawings a tactile realism and sense of atmosphere. Her compositions are cinematic, nicely varied and and effectively fitted to the story.

Unlike many “web comics” that are basically wannabe comic books that can’t make it to print, Nowhere Girl has a true web comic format. It’s made to be read on a horizontal computer screen.

The first story is dark, literally and figuratively, as is the main character’s state of mind. If your tolerance for teenage angst is low this week, you may want to start with part two, in which the protagonist is in a more positive phase of her life.

As Shaw seems to be involved in other projects, the strip hasn’t been updated recently. I’m one of many hoping that she will continue it soon.


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