Jacob Collins

Jacob Collins
The difficult thing about painting a still life is the “life” part. Many still life paintings have a lot more “still” than “life”. Jacob Collins has a touch that keeps his still life subjects vibrant and fresh. When I first encountered his work, I was impressed with his range of subject matter. He is remarkably strong in figure, portrait, interior, landscape and still life painting. Most contemporary realists are satisfied to specialize in one or two of those subject areas. Collins is highly skilled in all of those categories. For some reason, though, I was particularly taken with his refined and painterly still life technique. The site contains many examples of his work in all of the genres as well as showcasing his figure and portrait drawings. (Link courtesy of State of the Art.)

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  1. Jacob is a master. He will surely prove that painting has an important place in contemporary life.

  2. I’m would like to use your work as an example for my students – a multi media study in quite a different technique using watercolour over white acrylic on a back background. It think it is a fascinating work with excellent compolsition. Well done and best of luck in your career.

  3. you are the most wonderfull painter in the world today.i rate you on the class of michel angelo the great.i adore you with all my being.

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