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Josh Viers
Josh Viers is a concept artist who has worked for ILM and is currently working with Doug Chiang at Ice Blink Studios. He studied industrial design and has done design work for a number of toy lines, which explains the wonderful toy-like sensibility that enlivens many of his designs.

The site contains finished paintings as well as pencil, pen & ink and marker sketches in various degrees of finish. The ink drawings in particular are appealing for their fluid brushwork. The images aren’t labeled with any indication what project they’re for, which is unfortunate because some of them are so intriguing that I would really like to know what movie, game or other project they refer to – particularly a series of monochromatic and color paintings depicting night in a strange city with bizarre little vehicles.

The links below are to Viers’ own site and to his gallery on the Ice Blink Studios site.


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  1. Audria PIckens Avatar
    Audria PIckens

    Hey Josh,

    It’s Audria from way back when. Your name came to my mind and I googled you. And boy, just look at you, man! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! All of it’s so great! I know that this must be you because I remember that you had gone to California when we were in school. And of course, with a last name like Viers, there couldn’t be too many. Your work is really cool, I like that sci-fi/cartoon thing you have going. If you find the time email me back. I would really love to hear from you. It would be especially great to hear your voice. You know I use to love your voice. Okay, take care and keep doing what you’re doing. -Audria