Mark Fiore

Mark Fiore
Mark Fiore certainly wasn’t the first to post animated political cartoons to the web, but he is probably the best known of the cartoonists who specialize in animated political commentary. While many animated editorial cartoons are a single panel with animated bits, Fiore actually does 30-45 second animations. He works in Flash and uses sound effects, pop-up banners and starburst announcements that feel like they come from 50’s television ads.

Though he’ll take a good swing at anyone he thinks is acting stupidly or irresponsibly, Fiore’s political bias is unabashedly to the left. If you like the Bush Administration, you’ll probably find Fiore offensive. On the other hand, if you find the Bush Administration offensive, you’ll probably like Fiore.


2 Replies to “Mark Fiore”

  1. I have been unable to open any of the weekly cartoons sent to me for the past two months. Also, I cannot access Mark Fiore’s web site as the page is unavailable. I cannot, therefore, get in touch with the web site to find out what is wrong. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  2. I was able to access Fiore’s site fine this morning. I’m not sure what else may be happening on your end.

    Do you subscribe to a service or use software to block offensive content? That may have changed. Do you know anyone who uses the same ISP as you that can check to see if their access to that page is problematic?

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