Designers who blog

Designers Who Blog
Designers who blog is a fascinating blog by Catherine (cat) Morley that features, as you might expect, blogs by designers. As she points out, “Due to slop over in the industry, also included are illustrators, photographers, those in advertising and marketing, etc.”, which makes a pretty interesting mix.

DWB (or “Dweeb”) featured a post about your humble writer today. (Here’s the archived post for lines and colors.) The blog has a rotating title banner composed of photos of previous featured designers, giving the blogs a personal face they may not always have. (It’s the only time you’ll see a photo of yours truly associated with lines and colors.) There is an archive of the banners.

The blogs can be sorted by subject, including illustration. There’s also an extensive blogroll of blogs by designers, many of which are terrific. DWB goes on my “check daily” blog list.

Cat also writes a column for Creative Latitude called “Cat’s fancy: Designers who blog” in which she lets a select group of the designers from that month respond to a round of questions about their blog.

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  1. Thank-you for the spread Charley, it looks great. You have a fantastic blog here, chockfull of wonderful information. It was a pleasure featuring Lines and Colours.

    Happy New 2006!

  2. Thanks, Cat. Featuring Designers who blog was my pleasure. In addition to being a great “check in and see what’s new” kind of blog, as you add designer’s sites and sort them by category, it’s rapidly becoming a terrific resource.

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