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Stephen Hickman

Stephen HickmanMany fantasy and science fiction artists create images of other worlds and other times. Few can imbue them with the feeling of cultured beauty that Stephen Hickman paints into his work. They are strange worlds, yes, but worlds where the inhabitants have gone to great lengths to beautify parts of their environment. This is an interesting touch and one that infuses Hickman’s images with a simultaneous impression of being foreign and familiar. Palaces gleam in architectural splendor and you can feel the weight and polish of metal, the smoothness of silken robes, even the texture of baby dragon skin.

Hickman has been illustrating books by some of the most recognizable names in both contemporary and classic fantasy and science fiction for over 20 years. Of particular interest are a series of paintings for the Pharazar Mythos that evolved from a book that he himself wrote, The Lemurian Stone.



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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Hickman at the Writers and Illustrators of the Future workshop for volume 23. Any aspiring science fiction illustrator would benefit from entering this contest. The contest picks 3 winners every quarter and those individuals are given an expense paid trip to a weeklong workshop and awards ceremony where the winning artist wins the Gold Award and $5,000. I was one of the quarterly winners and had the experience of a lifetime.
    Getting artists like Stephen Hickman explain how he got where he is today was very enlightening. Please check out Stephen’s Lovecraft illustrations.
    Thank you,
    Randall Ensley