J. O. Ladrönn

LadronnI’m not exactly sure why someone would want to draw a sci-fi comic with an anthropomorphic hippopotamus in a trench coat as a lead character, but Mexican comics artist J. O. Ladrönn sure does a bang-up job of it. In addition to that project, (HipFlask, written by ComicCraft’s Richard Starkings and Joe Casey), Ladrönn has applied his considerable talents to a number of projects for DC and Marvel including work on The Fantastic Four and three issues of a very cool Inhumans mini-series in cooperation with Carlos Pacheco.

The HipFlask site has more art than the official J. O. Ladrönn site on Hollywood Comics, but the latter is easier to navigate. There is also high-res Ladrönn art here, which is for sale.


C. F. Payne

C. F. PayneC. F. Payne is one of America’s foremost illustrators and caricaturists. His wonderfully realized illustrations have been featured on the covers of Rolling Stone, Esquire, Mad, Time and many other major magazines.

The link below is to his gallery on the Illustrators’ Partnership site. There is also a gallery of work for sale on The Nose, and a C. F. Payne gallery on the site for The Illustration Academy, where he is an instructor.

There is also an extensive article about Payne in the new issue of Illustration ’05 (#2, December ’05) from the publishers of Illustration Magazine.


Linda Bergkvist

Linda BergkvistLinda Bergkvist’s fantasy images lean toward dark gothic-fairytale subject matter. Elaborately dressed elves and fairies inhabit her misty forests. She works digitally and her images are beautifully rendered in Painter and Photoshop. In addition to her finished pieces there are tutorials on the site, as well as sketches and short comics.

Her work is featured in the Exposé series of digital art showcase books from Ballistic Publishing. She is also a co-author of D’Artiste: Digital Painting from Ballistic. Here is an article about her on the Ballistic site. You can also find more of her work on the CGSociety site, mostly in the 2D forums. There is also a Linda Bergkvist gellery on the Epilog.net site.

The site contains images suggestive of violence, sexuality and blurred gender lines. Avoid it if you’re likely to be offended.


Eadweard Muybridge

Eadweard Muybridge
Eadweard Muybridge was a pioneering photographer in the late 1800’s. The story is that he set out to answer a question: “Is there a time in a horse’s gallop when all four hooves are off the ground?” To do this he developed an ingenious method of rapidly taking sequential images. As a result, he both answered the question (“Yes.”), and embarked on the creation of the first formal sets of high-speed sequential photographs of both animals and people in motion.

His photographic sequences of humans, horses and other animals walking, running, turning, carrying and moving in other ways are still an invaluable resource for artists today. They are particularly useful for comic book artists, illustrators and animators.

There are number of books of his photographs in print that serve as terrific reference for drawing people and animals in motion. (There are much better sources for anatomy, but Myubridge is great for drawing motion.) The Male and Female Figure in Motion from Dover Books is inexpensive. I find The Human Figure in Motion is a good reference for the price. There is also a multiple-volume complete series.

It’s an interesting sidenote that the process used for the famous “Bullet-time” special effects sequences in The Matrix was essentially a descendant of Myubridge’s multiple-camera technique for capturing motion.

The link below is to a multi-page article on the Smithsonian’s site. Here are some more images from Temple University, more on Wikipedia and some Muybrdge collotypes from the Laurence Miller Gallery.


Barontieri (Thierry Doizon)

Thierry Doizon, who goes by the alias Barontieri, is an artist living in Montreal who does concept art and illustration for games and interactive media. He has done work for for Ubisoft, Disney Imagineering, Peugot, Artari and others. The gallery contains illustrations, 2D and 3D experiments and color “sketches”. As is often the case, I find the quicker work even more appealing the the finished pieces.

Doizon provides tutorials and downloadable Photoshop CS brushes in the Atelier section, and provides information for arranging personal instruction in the Services section. The Atelier page also includes links to other sites that showcase his work.


State of the Art (Jeff Hayes – update)

Jeff Hayes Jeff Hayes published a nice post about Lines and Colors today on his blog State of the Art. I wrote about his painting and art-comments blog back in November.

He’s still writing fascinating posts about all aspects of being a painter, including this one about constructing a shadow box for controlled dramatic lighting of still life subjects.