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Mark Goerner
Concept artist Mark Goerner has done conceptual illustrations for props, sets and environments for films like Minority Report, Constantine, X-men 2 and The Terminal, as well as upcoming films like the new Superman and Battle Angel Alita (for James Cameron).

Goerner’s site contains concept art from many of those movies as well as some of his other professional work and even some of his student work. The Superman section is interesting in particular because it showcases sketches and alternate versions as well as some of the finished design renderings. The “Student Work” section has an interesting variety of work, including product design, sketches and figure drawing.

His sleek futuristic designs remind me a bit of master concept artist Syd Mead (who I profiled in last November).

Goerner has done three training CDs for the Gnomon Workshop, for whom he is in instructor. There is an additional gallery of his work on the Gnomon Workshop site (images above). There is also an illustrated interview with Goerner on the CG Channel.


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  1. waoo..nice work..great color style and composition…and all ..realy nice…