Don Seegmiller

Don Seegmiller is one of those delightful artists that I have a hard time choosing a representative image for.

If you go into the “Traditional Art” gallery on his site you’ll find his straightforward and nicely handled oil paintings of figures.

Once into the Digital Art gallery, you’ll begin to see a mixture of colorful fantasy illustration and wonderfully bizarre creature characters.

Seegmiller not only moves readily from style to style but between traditional and digital mediums. He apparently enjoys both but chooses to paint digitally most often for his professional illustration work.

Seegmiller is the author of Digital Character Design and Painting, and the co-author of Mastering Digital 2D and 3D Art (with Les Pardew).

His site has recently been updated and some of the digital art tutorials that used to be on the old site haven’t made it to the new one yet, but they’re worth watching for.

One of my favorite sections of the old site has made it to the new one and that’s the “Sketches and Doodles” gallery, a grab bag of loose sketches of all manner of fun characters and creatures, usually drawn in black Prismacolor pencils or Stabilo black marking pencils. Seegmiller points out that he deliberately chooses pencils that are difficult to erase when sketching to discourage fussing over the drawings.


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