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Andrew WyethI should start out by admitting that, although I really like some of his work, Andrew Wyeth is not one of my favorites. Partly it’s because I find much of his work cold, not in the sense of his frequent depiction of winter scenes, which I like, but in the lack of warmth that I feel from him for his subjects. Mostly, though, it’s because his family heritage invites unfair and unflattering comparisons with his father, Newell Convers Wyeth, who left some mighty large footsteps to fill. (N.C. Wyeth is my favorite illustrator and one of my favorite artists in any genre. More on N.C. in a later post.)

That being said, I still do enjoy the work of the “middle Wyeth” (his son Jamie is also a noted painter), particularly when his unusual compositions and strange silent spaces creep toward the surreal, as in “Christina’s World” and “Distant Thunder”. I like some of his drawings and watercolors very much, particularly those that are direct observations of trees, fields and other landscape elements.

I’m less fond of his figurative work, like the famous “Helga” drawings. I stumbled across that exhibition by accident at the National Gallery back in the late 80’s when it was getting a lot of press (largely because of talk of an affair between Wyeth and the model). I wasn’t paying much attention, and was at the NGA for an exhibit of Italian Master Drawings, and chanced on the “Helga” gallery. Coming on the drawings unexpectedly may have given me an unusual prespective. I came away feeling that, if I hadn’t known the famous name they were associated with, I might have thought them the work of a promising but unexceptional art student.

Wyeth’s landscape drawings are another matter. They carry with them the feeling of the artist quietly and single-mindedly taking in his subject, and letting nature flow through his eye almost directly to the paper, without interference from an imposed “style” or other mental baggage. This is the Andrew Wyeth that I can connect with. His landscape drawings also carry with them the familiar look (to me, at least) of the Brandywine valley and its gently rolling hills.

This is certainly Andrew Wyeth time here in the Brandywine Valley/Philadelphia area. No fewer than thee (count em’, three) exhibitions of his work are opening here in the next two weeks.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art opens Andrew Wyeth: Myth Memory and Magic on March 29th. It’s a large scale show that runs to July 16, 2006.

The PMA exhibition is being held simultaneously with an exhibit of Wyeth’s drawings at the Brandywine River Museum, Andrew Wyeth: Master Drawings from the Artist’s Collection, that opens today and also ends on July 16.

The Brandywine museum is in the middle of Wyeth country in Chadds Ford, PA. just a ways downstream from Kuerner’s Farm where Andrew has worked, alternating with a house in Maine in the summer, for most of his life. By all accounts he still works there almost every day, even at the age of 88.

Not to be left out, the other bastion of Wyethism in the area, The Delaware Art Museum, has mounted an exhibit of his early works, “Something Waits Beneath It” – Early Work by Andrew Wyeth, 1939- 1969 , which runs from March 29 to July 16, same as the PMA.

None of the museums have posted much of Wyeth’s art on their sites and there isn’t any single great repository of his work on the web that I know of, so I’ll give you a list of smaller resources:

I also don’t know of any books specifically of Andrew’s drawings, other than the catalog published by the Brandywine Museum to accompany the current exhibit. I can recommend an excellent book, however, that gives an overview of the three Wyeths, N.C., Andrew and Jamie, with lots of great images by all three: An American Vision: Three Generations of Wyeth Art: N.C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth, James Wyeth by James H. Duff.

Of the three exhibits, the drawings are (if you’ll excuse the expression) the main draw for me, so I’ll be visiting the Brandywine Museum first, and take in the others later. The Brandywine has some additional plusses. There is an exhibit of Dorothy Lathrop’s illustrations opening at the same time, and the truely great Wyeths (sorry, I’m showing my bias again), N.C. Wyeth’s astonishingly powerful illustrations, are almost always on view.

Charley’s Brandywine Valley Art Expedition Travel Tips:

If you visit the Brandywine River Museum, you may want to stop for lunch at Hank’s Place, the local lunch counter and meeting place, just north of the Museum on the corner of Rts 1 and 100. You might also want to drop by the nearby Chadds Ford Winery, and taste some of their Spring Wine.

If it’s past March 29 and the other exhibitions are open, you can meander down winding Rt 100 through the beautiful Brandywine Valley, (without knowing it, you’ll pass near Jamie Wyeth’s estate), and into Wilmington for a visit to the Delaware Art Museum, another jewel of a small museum, to take in their Wyeth show.

If you stay at the DAM till dinner time, drive from the museum toward downtown Wilmington on Delaware Avenue, and you’ll find good restaurants in the nearby Trolley Square area at DuPont St.: Toscana for upscale Italian, The Del Rose Cafe (1707 Delaware Ave.) for neighborhood style pasta, and Kelly’s for pub grub. To meet up with 95, Continue on into Wilmington’s center on Delaware or Pennsylvania Avenue (without knowing it, you’ll pass near Howard Pyle’s studio).

If you’re really a glutton for Wyeth, and start early, you can take in all three shows in one day. The Philadelphia Museum of Art (a world-class art museum worthy of extended visits) is only about 45 minutes away from Wilmington up 95. If you can go on a day with nice weather, all three museums are in beautiful settings.

Wyeth? Wyeth not?


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  1. I have a print of Andrew Wyeth’s “The Corner”, ” dry brush, 2l l/1 x l3 l/2″, 1953. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Phelps”. Can anyone tell me if “the corner of Rt. 1 and 100”, mentioned in “Charley’s Brandywine Valley Travel Tips”, is the source or inspiration for this watercolor?

  2. Dear Emily:

    I also have a print of “The Corner” from the W.E. Phelps collection 1953. I am wondering if there were more than one or if I ended up with yours, just curious. Is it worth anything? I would love to hear from you. Thanks!

    Rebecca Dueger

  3. I have a dry brush 21(1/2)x13 1/2″, 1958,collection of Mrs. Andrew Wyeth called Brinton’s Hill and one of Mr./Mrs W.E. Philips called New Leaves (ink and Brush, 39 1/2 x 30″, 1941. Does anyone have any information on these before I decide what to do with them, I have no idea where they come from. Thanks. th

  4. Hello Emily and Rebecca,

    I recently purchased the same print of “The Corner” at a Goodwill store in my Seattle neighborhood. On the back of the frame is an old sticker which reads: Turner Wall Accessory”. I do know that a print of The Corner, also on watercolor paper, is available from a site called Ruby Lane for $150. Here is the website:
    It says on the site that the print was first made in the early 1960’s, which would be consistent with the sticker on the back of the frame. I am curious to know more – it is a beautiful print and looks almost original. Thanks.

    Andie Baker

  5. I have some southwest prints signed by Southwest artist Peter Hurd whom was married to Henreitta Wyeth.Can you tell me if she was related to Andrew Wyeth?I also have a folder named Four Seasons by Andrew Wyeth and it has 12 reproductions of different artists from different years going back to 1953.What can you tell me about it.Thank you.

  6. My Aunt passed away recently and I have also found a framed picture of the “The Corner” from the W.E. Phelps collection. I do not know if it is on Water Color Paper because I don’t know what that is. Does anyone know how you find out if it has any value or find buyers for art work like this. I know nothing about it at all. Thanks for your ideas

  7. I also have a print? of the New Leaves ink and brush. It is a very fine print in a nice old frame which also says ‘from the collection of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Phelps’. I can’t find anything about the Phelps’ collection nor any pictures of , or the whereabouts of the original. It is clearly the same tree as the one in the Pennsylvania Scene. Any info would be appreciated.

  8. Hello. I have a Andrew Wyeth print of “Burning Off”. On the back it has the original Turner Wall Accessory sticker. Hand written on the sticker (in pin) it says where it was purchased, how much it was purchased for and the date (1969). It also says the title “Burning Off”. Is this worth some money? I would be very interested in any information anyone can give me. Thanks.

  9. I just bought a painting called NEW LEAVES. On the back it said it is from the same collection – W.E. Phelps, 1941. Who is the artist for this painting? Mine is matted and I cannot see a signature. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  10. Im looking for a signed print of “the corner”My father recently passed and it mysteriously disapeared before i could claim it. please email me at email hidden; JavaScript is required if you can help. Im from NH originally, but have since relocated to WI. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  11. I just recently inherited a “The Corner” print by Andrew Wyeth. Is it worth anything? I actually like it, but would consider selling if I new more info. on it. Can anyone help? It is from the collection of Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Phelps.


  13. I have also acquired “The Corner” Dry brush 21 1/2 x 13 1/2 1953. Collection of Mr and Mrs W. E. Phelps. It appears to be an original signature. Can anyone assist me in getting some history on the picture; estimate its value? Thank you!

  14. I also have “The Corner” Dry Brush 21 1/2 x 13 1/2 1953, on watercolor paper with an apparent original signature. I would appreciate any information about it and its value. Thank you!


  16. Hi,
    I have an Early October picture which is matted so i can not see a signature. ON the back it says early october, dry brush, 13 1/2 x 21 1/2, 1961. collection of mrs. andrew wyeth. Can anyone tell me about this? thank you.

  17. Hi I have a original in pen and ink. It has no signature on the front of it that i can see. Looks to be old. It is a picture of a beautiful tree. On the back side of it it says…….
    Ink and Brush 391/2×30″,1941.
    Collection of Mr. and Mrs. W.E.Phelps
    I am interested in possibly selling it or exhibiting it at a museum. Can anyone help me with this? If so contact me.

  18. I have a dry brush “Early October” 1961 collection of Mrs Andrew Wyeth that I would like to know more about. Can anyone tell me what it’s worth etc.

  19. i have a hardback art in america magazine anneversary edition with the four seasons prints first runs i believe according to the book is worth there to a buyer and what do you concider fair price thanks

  20. I also have and Andrew Wyeth print, 1962 of “The Corner”. This site was excellent for informtion. I’m looking to sell it. Does anyone know price range or would it be same as Connecticut Yankee Antiques. Many different ranges on Ebay. tks.

  21. I have a print of The Corner with a label on the back (it’s matted) which says it is lent from the Wilmington Society of the Fine Arts and then goes on to give a history of who lived there and such. Trying to find out if because it is from the museum that has the original and it has a documented sense of history which other prints may not if it might be worth more or more meaningful. It is old, but no date on it. It tells a unique story, which I haven’t found anywhere else in my research.

  22. I, too, have a framed signed Andrew Wyeth
    “The Corner” print. I contacted the Andrew Wyeth Gallery several years ago. They said that “The Corner” was especially printed to give to contributors at a Musuem fundraising function. They didn’t know how many were given, but put a value of around $700.00 to $800.00 on the framed prints. They said that to preserve the value it is imortant to have the print re-matted with acid free matting. The edge of the original matting will turn dark and may in time injure the print. Anyone who has further info please post it. Thank you

  23. Hi Everyone, In reading your posts I have been able to find some answers to my current mystery. I recently purchased a print of The Corner at an antique store. It was framed and matted some time in the 1960’s based on the marking on the back of the frame. I pulled the print out to have it reframed and directly on the back of the print is the hanging deer from Tenant Farmer. Both sides are signed. There are no other markings to indicate where this print is from. I’ve checked every possible book including the Four Seasons portfolio and the print is not from there. If anyone has any ideas of where this two-sided print could have come from, I would be grateful. Lastly, I have left messages at the Brandywine and Farnsworth in the hopes that they can assist in identifying the origins. Thank you!

  24. I have a Peter Hurd signed but not dated print of Rui Dosa Downs horse track. Cant find any info and Mr Hurds grandson of Wyeth Hurd Galleries in Santa Fe N.M said the family didnt even know it existed. I did find under Rui Dosa Downs vintage post cards, a card that looks almost the same as my signed print. Any info on it will be greatly appreciated.

  25. Update on Ruidosa Downs signed Peter Hurd print. Photographer John E Floodberg took the photo May 30,1972. So my question now is, how & why would an artist take someone elses work & paint & sign it?? Kinda rude way to make money so Im glad I didnt pay for this signed print.

  26. I know very little as you will see. My belated husband has Sterling Silver Etchings by Jamie Wyeth (4). Included for example is Southwest Ranch-Dated Sep.5, 1978. I would appreciate it if you could give me an idea if they are worth anything. Thank you for your time.
    Joanne Cottage

  27. Just purchased New Leaves, also EW Phelps Collection. The matt bled onto the print and I will be reframing. Very confused about the Phelps collections… how many can there be and is there any value to any of them? I love it regardless, but strange that it is so difficult to get any straght answers.

  28. My mother and father have had the New Leaves print since I was a child. Now, I have their collection of artwork and books and am looking into the value of each one. Some very special and sentimental to me.

    If anyone could help in finding the value of the print or telling me how to find the value – that would be wonderful and most appreciated.

  29. I just acquired the New Leaves print from the Phelps collection (1941). I LOVE this print. I found it at the Goodwill! I am interestedin its value, the artist and the Phelps collection. Any answers out there? Thank you so much. From, Liz

  30. I have a feeling that this W.E. Phelps collection 1941 is made up, and just a way to get people to think they are buying something worth a lot of money..The offer

  31. I have am unsigned print of the Andrew Wyetts New Leaf framed and in good shape from the Turner wall assecories collection would anyone know what it might b worth?

  32. I recently acquired a print entitled “Storing Up”…dry brush,27 1/2 x 21, 1959. Collection of Mrs. Andrew Wyeth. Can anyone tell me anything about it…how to check if it is authentic, etc. I would be very grateful for your assistance. It is in good shape and matted…no marking or any damage.

  33. i have an originalprint of windfrom the sea , it was looked at by amy morey at farnsworth museum several years ago, she said it was an original, and said it was in excelant condition, can you tell me if it has any value, thank you john d

  34. I have a framed print of “Early October”, dry brush, 13 1/2″ x 21 1/2″, 1961, Collection of Mrs. Andrew Wyeth (framed by the Keystone Picture Frame Company in Pittsburgh, PA) and would like to know anything about the picture. This one is of a chair with an attached side table on the right hand side of the chair and a green jacket hanging on the left arm in a stark room with one window. Any info and value on this print would be appreciated. Thanks

  35. I have all 12 Andrew Wyeth “Four Seasons” prints, including the original box. Any information and value on this set would be greatly appreciated.

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