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Designers who blog (update)

Designers who blogDesigners who blog, Catherine (cat) Morley’s terrific blog about just that, featured another post about lines and colors today (permalink here), with a focus on my post about “Painting a day” blogs.

I’ve written about Morley’s great selection of designers’ blogs before, as well as her Cat’s Fancy column for Creative Latitude in which she goes into more depth by conducting email interviews with the blog creators.

Her blog consistently showcases top notch designers, illustrators and photographers. I’ve been amazed with the number of talented and skilled designers she has found.

There’s really no excuse for bad graphic design out there, art directors could simply use Designers who blog as a Rolodex.



One response to “Designers who blog (update)”

  1. Charley, thanks! And what a lovely surprise to discover in my technorati this morning. Thank-you again for creating such an informative and educational blog. I’m right back in art school, but this is MUCH more fun and engaging.