Little Fluffy Clouds

Little Fluffy Clouds
When I first saw the recent animated McDonald’s ad for their Aisian Salads (“Queen for a Day”), with its retro-sixties animated movie credits style images, I was reminded of the nicely crafted eSurance ads created by the Ghostbot animation studio (see my previous post on Ghostbot).

The McDonald’s ad is the creation of a studio that’s new to me called Little Fluffy Clouds (named after the deliriously repetitive ambient piece by Orb), founded by English director/producer Betsy De Fries and Dutch animation director Jerry van de Beek.

When I checked them out, I found a nice range of 3-D CGI and 2-D animation for a variety of clients.

I can’t give you links to individual pieces because the interface in in Flash. Go to “Montage” to see their demo reel, which will give you an overview of their work (with an emphasis on CGI).

You’ll find the McDonald’s piece (possibly done in Flash) in the “Spots” section, along with others for Verizon, Budweiser and Coke.

In the “Shorts” section check out their self-promo, Neptune, named for the Gustav Holst piece from The Planets that it interprets as an underwater fantasy.

There is an HTML version of the site, with a Site Map, that has more background information (but less images) than the Flash version.