Fourmi (Sylvie Lacroix)

Fourmi is the professional name (or simply the site name, I’m not sure) of Belgian visual development artist Sylvie Lacroix.

Lacroix has done art direction, concept art and promotional illustration for a number of European TV projects and films. The Fourmi web site contains examples of work from various stages of the visual development process. You can view the work sorted by project or by process: Colorkeys, Illustration, Character Design, Sketches and Art Direction.

Lacroix has a charming, colorful style that at times is close to the look of cell animation (not surprisingly) and at other times has the look of children’s book illustrations.

I particularly like the illustrations and images in which there is a playful use of contrast in light, dappled light under trees or shafts and streaks of sunlight or moonlight streaming into rooms. Notice also the interesting use of white, or lightly colored, linework over top of darker colors.

Addendum: Fourmi writes to confirm that “Fourmi” (French for “ant”) is indeed her professional name. Also, I was remiss in not mentioning that I first learned of Fourmi’s work by way of Man Arenas (Dodecaden), a suberb production artist and designer that I profiled back in January.

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  1. “Notice also the interesting use of white, or lightly colored, linework over top of darker colors.”

    If you had not pointed it out, I’m not sure I would have seen it. As far as I know it’s a stylistic device unique to Lacroix.

    Very nice, her illustrations in this manner.

  2. Thank you very much for your compliments…What a surprise, I’m very very honored: Lines and Colors is one of my favorite website and I do visit it quite a lot…
    Thanks again,

    PS:Fourmi is my professional name, indeed, it means “ant” in French .

  3. Fourmi, an ant who work so much and with great talent.
    her project is very promissing, with nicely written script and with a festival of colors

  4. Indeed, Fourmi has developed her own style, her own technique, bringing us back in time, revisiting the atmosphere of our childhood. Let’s hope that she can have her work published, enabling us to enjoy her talent in a comic or in children books…

  5. fourmi, I’ve appended the post with the information about your name.

    I’ve also added credit for Man Arenas, which is where I came across the link to Fourmi’s work initially, and linked to his blog, Yacin the Faun and his professional site Dodecaden as well as my post about him from January. Readers not familiar with him should definitely check out his work.

  6. I have been a fan for years, real glad to see that you have joined the club Charley!


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