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Seung Ho Henrik Holmberg

Seung Ho Henrik Holmberg
Seung Ho Henrik Holmberg is a concept artist who has worked for gaming and entertainment companies like The moving Picture Company, PDI/DreamWorks, Industrial Light and Magic, Chimney Pot and Streamline Studios.

Many concept artists will put a bio on their site the makes it sound like they simply fell out of bed and into a plush job working for glamorous film studios, glossing over any difficulties reality may have placed in their way (and who knows, maybe some of them had an easy time of it).

Holmberg (who signs his work “Seung Ho” – the wonderfully unusual name comes from the fact he was born in Korea and adopted by a Swedish family at 13 months) is remarkably candid in his bio about the fact that his career path was not easy, and as such should be inspirational to others who feel they are struggling inordinately.

Seung Ho draws concept sketches in marker, ink and paint and often goes to color in Photoshop. He has a facile command of both digital and traditional media and uses both with a sense of what is appropriate to the illustration task at hand. His site features a variety of concept art, matte painting, and CG painting as well as sketches and studies.

As much as I enjoy his professional work (love the concept designs for that wonderful dinosaur and caveman FedEx SuperBowl ad), some of my favorites are the “speed sketches” (image above, top) and digitally painted studies of ordinary rooms and objects.