Rhonda Nass

Rhonda Nass
I came across Rhonda Nass on a site dedicated to botanical illustration and was struck by the textural qualities and dimensionality of her plant paintings.

There isn’t any information about technique on her site, but I assume from the look of her paintings that she works from photographs in the studio, even utilizing the out of focus background effect often found in photographs to control your eye in the composition of her paintings.

She uses detail and texture to bring her subjects into high relief, giving them a tactile quality, and also emphasizes the play of light across their surfaces.

Her site includes examples of her commercial work, stock images and available originals. In addition to her botanical illustrations there are paintings of birds and objects like gloves and jackets.

Nass is married to illustrator Rick Nass, and the web site divided on the home page between her work with his highly rendered cartoon style images.