Olga Antonenko & Arseny Gutov

Olga Antonenko?
Olga Antonenko & Arseny Gutov are Russian concept artists, matte painters and illustrators who work in a variety of traditional and digital media. On their shared gallery site, CGpolis, you’ll find drawings, engravings, paintings, pastel, digital painting and 3-D CGI rendering and compositing.

The GCpolis site is somewhat enigmatic and mentions neither artist by name, so it’s a little difficult to sort out who did what. I think the majority of the 3-D CGI, some of the digital painting and most of the compositing is Gutov. He seems to specialize in that end of things although he does do nice digital painting as seen in this portrait of his sister, painted in Corel Painter, and this digital portrait painting tutorial on the CG Society site.

I get the impression that much of the traditional media work in the artworks section of the CGpolis site is Antonenko’s.

The concept art in the cartoons section (I’m guessing Antonenko, but I don’t know) is a grab bag of iridescent candy color that somehow works wonderfully well. Like the concept art it uses really fun contrasts of brilliant color and tone to create moods. I would love to know more about what these projects are.

There is, unfortunately, no information on technique on the CGpolis site and no background on the two artists or their clients. The concept section lists work from nurium games (image above – Antonenko’s?) and Sibilant Interactive.

Their is a brief interview with Gutov on 3DExcellence.com and a slightly longer interview with both artists on 3DValley.com.