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Koren Shadmi

Koren ShadmiKoren Shadmi’s site includes illustration, drawings, comics (in PDF format) and prints, but very little in the way of biographical or background information.

Shadmi has a blog called PAPERfeast, which includes work and sketches, but is sometimes more of a personal journal style blog than one devoted to displaying work.

Without more time to read through his blog, I haven’t been able to establish much about his work or background. Much of his illustration is in the style of ink drawings filled with color, in the tradition of comic book drawing, some is more directly painted. The drawings section also has a varied approach, from painted sketches to cross-hatched colored pencil.

The blog includes sketches and several examples of images in both preliminary and finished stages.

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  1. no offense or anything, but as far as i know, Koren is a guy. I mean that all might be different on the inside, but in person, he’s a dude. 😛

  2. Corrected. Thanks. Not sure where that came from.