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Chris Gall

Chris Gall
Chris Gall is an illustrator and author living in Arizona, and is also an adjunct professor at the University of Arizona.

His paintings seem to have a social realist, heroic WPA mural sensibility to them, and occasionally feel a bit like Thomas Hart Benton doing illustrations for Popular Science.

What I find most interesting, though, are his engravings, which I would have taken for colored pen and ink drawings had he not listed them that way. These have a terrific mix of strong, graphic color and controlled line work, along with a bold sense of composition that again takes cues from 30’s and 40’s posters and illustrations.

Gall doesn’t indicate on the site specifically what these illustrations were originally for, but his clients include Time, Newsweek, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Harper Collins, Nike, Ford, and many others.

Almost any of the pieces in the “engravings” section of his site would make a terrific poster. Gall does, in fact, offer Giclée prints and other items if you contact him, but doesn’t have a store per se on the site.

Gall is also the author/illustrator of three books. He spent 4 years as a professional stand-up comedian and currently gives presentations in schools in which he presumably uses some of those same skills.


2 responses to “Chris Gall”

  1. Nancy Shiley Avatar
    Nancy Shiley

    Mr Gall:
    You signed a couple of your books for me, the First Among Equals (a title recently bestowed). I think I found 12 fish puns. How can I check these and see which are the 10 you intended?

    Can’t wait to see the Mars book. I plan to buy at least three, one of which is for one of my nephews who is a scientist at JPL.

    But the purpose of this message is to get a list of the 10 puns. Please?

    Nancy Shiley

  2. Nancy,

    It’s unlikely that Chris Gall will see your comment here. You can contact him directly through his web site.