Simon Rodgers

Simon Rodgers
Simon Rodgers is a concept artist for the film industry. Aside from that I know very little about him.

I know from a mention on John Nevarez’ blog that he worked with Nevarez on Disney’s Tarzan project. (See my post from last year on John Nevarez.)

Rodgers’ blog features mostly quick (but wonderfully realized) studies and concept sketches for personal projects, speed paintings and other work done primarily for fun or exercise. There are occasional concept illustrations, though, for an unspecified “Conan project” (image above, bottom) that looks fascinating from the scale and imagination conveyed in his images.

There are also hints of several personal projects of his, including a children’s book, that I hope see completion, just because the concept illos look so cool.

Maybe Rodgers will eventually add a little bio to his blog, so we know more about who he is and what’s he’s worked on, but in the meanwhile he’s giving us some tasty eye candy.

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  1. I think that Simon Rodgers’ concept arts for “an unspecified “Conan project”” were made for the animated movie “Conan: Red Nails”, which wasn’t completed so far reputedly because of financial problems. Apart from that there is an interesting website for the interrupted project, which wasn’t updated since 2007:

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