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Peter Ferguson

Peter Ferguson
Peter Ferguson is a fascinating illustrator whose site contains a bounty of wonderful images, but very little biographical information. According to this article on Illustration Mundo, Ferguson’s clients include Business Week, Harper Collins, Penguin Books, The Los Angeles Times and Marvel Comics.

He is represented by Three In A Box artist’s reps and you will find a short gallery of his work on their site as well as the more extensive one on his own site. (It was while browsing through the Three In A Box galleries that I came across Ferguson’s work.)

Ferguson’s illustrations, whether his heavily stylized editorial work, or more straightforward book covers and interiors, display remarkable sense of texture along with a great command of color and contrast, that give them a sense of tactile presence and physical solidity. This is particularly evident when he takes on fantastic subjects and makes their other-worldly settings and denizens palpable.


3 responses to “Peter Ferguson”

  1. Jose Rola Avatar
    Jose Rola

    I enjoy very much that picture, although it is the first time i heard about this artist.

    Wonderful blog, by the way!


  2. Nice crop job on that bottom one, amazing artwork! Sheesh. Thanks for sharing. All of your posts are enlightening, even if it’s someone I’ve already heard of. I love that.

  3. I really appreciate you posting Peter’s work on your blog. I’ve just noticed that the links you have are outdated and, if you like, you can update them to (Pete’s page) and (three in a box site)

    Thanks again for your interest in Peter’s work!