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Terry Miura
Terry Miura is an artist who took a path from an illustration career to a dedication to gallery painting. After working in New York for six years creating illustrations for clients like Time, Newsweek, Random House and GRP Records, he transitioned his part-time devotion to painting into a full time pursuit.

He returned to California, where he had studied at the Art Center College of Design, and his subject matter followed suit, from New York cityscapes to landscapes of the Caifornia hills and valleys. In exploring his galleries, you will also find paintings from trips to Umbria, primarily landscapes with a few scenes of streets and cafes, and occasionally a still life. The paintings are arranged by gallery showing.

All reveal an open, painterly approach that dwells as much on atmosphere and mood as on the features of the scenes themselves. There is also a very strong sense of the importance of composition, geometry and the arrangement of areas of color as elements in themselves.

He is currently working on landscapes that are non-specific, or according to Miura, “Although they’re still very much representational, they’re not about specific locations.” Instead the landscapes are meant to represent evoked memories.

His site is arranged as a blog, with links to the galleries to the left.


One response to “Terry Miura”

  1. I’m a big fan of Terry’s works. I love his paintings of trees and landscapes and the palettes he chooses.