Jeff Miracola

Jeff Miracola
Illustrator Jeff Miracola has subtitled his web site “Here there be monsters!”, and his Paintings gallery is chock full of them — grinning, leering and gnashing their lovely monster teeth amid assorted bad guys and other nasties. Miracola has done a good bit for work with Wizards of the Coast for their collectable card game Magic: The Gathering, which is always a fertile ground for monsters.

Miracola has also done illustration and occasionally conceptual toy design for companies like Warner Brothers, Jamdat Mobile/Electronic Arts, Upper Deck, Hasbro, White Wolf and others. His work has been featured in a number of books and collections, including several of the Spectrum collections of contemporary fantastic art.

In addition to the Paintings gallery, his site has a gallery of his Sketches, but what I find particularly fascinating is his forays into Digital Art, in which he is playing with iconic, almost primitive, decoration, particularly when applied to faces, often seen in a symmetrical head-on view like a mask, combined with modern gradient rendering techniques.

There is also a gallery, with additional comments, on the CGSociety site. His work has also been featured in in ImagineFX Magazine and is included in the February 2007 issue of Advanced Photoshop Magazine.