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Chris Ware: On Cartooning

Chris Ware
A recent post on reminded me of this interview with Chris Ware (who I profiled in February ’06) on the PBS site, as part of their features accompanying Tintin and I, their program last july on Hergé (who I profiled at the time and also mentioned in reference to the major exhibition at the Pompidou Center last December).

Ware gives his fascinating thoughts on Tintin, Hergés’ ligne claire drawing style (obviously a huge influence on Ware), the creation of comics characters, and a variety of other topics in this fairly long interview.


2 responses to “Chris Ware: On Cartooning”

  1. I could not imagine Ware was fond of Herge’s work. Interesting.

  2. Li-An: It makes sense to me. His color sense, smooth and equal lines, and fairly objective use of camera all speak of Herge to me.