the asia drawing portal the asia drawing portal
This is a tremendously rich source of articles and links to artists either working in Asia or of Asian descent living elsewhere.

Though the emphasis is a bit more focused on contemporary artists, the site is a bit like lines and colors in terms of the different genres covered: illustration, gallery art, comics, concept art and animation, in both traditional and digital media; but goes even further to include architecture and product and toy design.

There doesn’t seem to be a month-by month navigation, as common in many blogs, but you can navigate by category or by geographic region in the upper right or simply move through the pages with previous and next links at page bottom.

The blog has a wonderful variety of styles and approaches and, if you like the mix on lines and colors, and Drawn!, I think you’ll appreciate the nice stew of styles, genres, and approaches in contemporary Asian art that the blogs creators, josef lee and junming, are constantly cooking up.

Image above, clockwise from upper left: Aya Kato, Hoang Nguyen, MAC56 (Yorga) and Yanyan Ye.

Note: The site has been discontinued and is no longer available

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