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Lawrence Northey

Lawrence Northey
I don’t often feature sculpture on lines and colors. I probably should consider it more often. Sculpture can have, after all, both lines and colors.

In the case of Lawrence Northey’s wonderfull small scale sculptures (the one shown here, “Jim & George: Space Cadets” is 30 inches [76cm]), the colors are those of polished brass, aluminum, copper and glass, and the reflected colors of their environment; and the lines are the charmingly whimsical lines of cartoonlike robots.

OK, I’ll admit right off that I’m a complete sucker for robots, particularly shiny, reflective, steampunkishly mechanical robots with completely silly bubble headed space helmets and art deco ray guns, carrying anachronistic apparatus with dials and gauges and accompanied by equally silly mechanical dogs replete with dials and embossed lightning bolt insignia, so I may be inclined to like Northey’s approach.

Sculpture can be be visually appealing in a number of ways, but rarely is is as much outright fun as these beautifully crafted, meticulously detailed and marvelously imaginative creations from Northey’s hands.

Not only do his objects delight the eye with their rich metallic colors and sleek lines, many of Northey’s sculptures actually do things — move, sing, speak, produce music or “Zap!” sounds.

Northey has received recognition several times in the Spectrum collections of contemporary fantastic art and other publications. His gallery shows some of the range of his works. Much of his current work is commissioned. He also has multiple, but limited, editions of certain works.

His site lacks a bio or “About” page, but you can find one here.


3 responses to “Lawrence Northey”

  1. Thank you very much Charley for your review!

    Currently, I’m at work creating a sculpture for this year’s Comicon in San Diego,CA. My work is going to be displayed in the Art Exhibit area of the convention.

    Oh!, and I plan to be there for the entire event (I can’t wait!). Closer to July I’ll be publishing a cell phone number (on the “home” page of my website) where I can reached during Comicon. I hope to hear from you!

    All the best,


  2. Anton Avatar

    Wow, great stuff! (and a cool site over all!)

    You’re totally right, about the sheer humor captured in each robot’s expression and posture. A delight!

    I, myself, have the spectrum in which Mr. Northey won the gold award, and it was a treat to revist his works.

    Hmm… If I can figure out how to get there, maybe I can get him to autograph it…

  3. Amazing robots and a more amazing artist. Number 1 in my top 10 robot artists on the internet: