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Carlos Cabrera
Carlos Cabrera is an Argentinean concept artist and illustrator who works primarily in the gaming industry. His online Portfolio has images from some of his projects, though some are not represented because of non-disclosure agreements.

The About page on his site mentions some of the projects he has worked on and describes his role in their creation.

Cabrera creates really fun monsters, dragons and bizarre animal characters, and paints them with a loose, open style enlivened with the textures of digital brushstrokes.

His portfolio is complimented by step-by-step images of works in progress like this sequence for the image above, as well as several large (100 – 300mb) DivX AVI format video tutorials of various digital painting techniques in Photoshop. (His Tutorials page includes links to download free AVI players for Mac and DivX Codecs for Windows, if you’re not already equipped to view DivX AVI.)

He also contributed, along with Mike Corriero, to Speed Painting tutorials in a downloadable PDF file of articles from the 2DArtist Magazine. (The PDF is accessible from the same page as the video tutorials).

Note: some material may be NSFW.