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Birgit Amadori

Birgit Amadori
Birgit Amadori is an illustrator and designer living in California. She was born near Frankfurt, Gremany and her influences seem to reach from Europe and the Art Nouveau artists to the woodblock artist of Japan, leaving her geographic location as a nice metaphor.

Amadori weaves design and figurative elements together, often incorporating richly detailed pattern. My assumption is that she works digitally in vector illustration. She simplifies forms, particularly faces, and then often fills areas like clothing that are both representational objects and design elements, with patterns, sometimes intricately detailed. The images are unified with very controlled palettes, bordering on monochromatic.

Amadori’s clients include Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa Cargo, Virgin Atlantic, Volkswagen, Suzuki, Yahoo and Montblanc.

Her portfolio site has sections for professional and personal work, “Work hard” and “Play Hard”. Once your in either of them there is no link back to the other without backtracking.

I found the pieces the Play Hard: Posters section most interesting, as well as the ones in the Work Hard: Fashion and Deco/Food section.

You can also find a differently aranged portfolio of her work on the iSpot.

[Suggestion courtesy of Jack Harris]