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Sai Ping Lok
Sai Ping Lok tells us little on his painting blog simonlokart. I was initially confused, in fact, about what his name was. His paintings speak eloquently, however, about the southern California coast and countryside.

With a little digging, I was able to determine that Sai Ping Lok is a background artist, visual development artist and concept artist, with clients like Walt Disney Feature Animation, DisneyToon Studios and Sony TV Studio; and credits that include Mulan, Kingdom of the Sun, Atlanta, Brother Bear and Lilo and Stitch. You can see a small portfolio of his film work on the Creative Talent Network along with a brief resume. His work in included in Jeff Kurtti’s The Art Of Mulan.

He has also received awards and notice in exhibitions for his plein air paintings. His blog showcaces his landscape oils, though pretty much without comment other than their location. He doesn’t even indicate if any of the works are for sale, of if there is gallery representation somewhere.

There are also not very many works posted, but the ones that are there are alive with the brilliant hues of the California landscape, fresh with confident brushstrokes and rich with atmospheric depth and the play of sunlight and shadow.

I was particularly struck by the rich colors in the sage and brush in some of his desert scenes, even in deep shadow where the muted purples and yellows take on a subtle glow. His views of the rocky coastline are atmospheric and full of wonderful textures, as are his mountains and hillsides.

I hope he finds the time, amid his work schedule and painting excursions, to post more.


3 responses to “Sai Ping Lok”

  1. Interesting that he does work as a background artist, his paintings do show a wonderfully developed sense of aerial perspective.

  2. wow, interesting artwork.

  3. I especially love the layers of rock. He’s really embraced the palette of the landscape here and used it so well to show the chaos of the cliff edge.