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Bobby Chiu
Bobby Chiu is a Canadian illustrator and concept designer who also teaches digital painting, both at Seneca College School of Communication Arts and online through the web-based Schoolism.

Chiu shares the Imaginism Studios web site with illustrator Kei Acedera, and also collaborates with her on various works. The Imaginism portfolio can be viewed by work for either artist or jointly by categories like Girls, Guys, Fairies, Creatures and Cats and Dogs.

There is a section of Subway Sketches, and Chiu maintains a group blog devoted to the subject. There is also an Imaginism Studios blog, more general in topic, shared with Acedera, Stephen Silver, Jason Seiler, and Thierry LaFontaine.

The Imaginism site offers a line of books and prints. The books include the works of numerous guest artists.

You can also find Chiu on the CGSociety site, with a gallery and tutorials like his Making of Three Samurai on Horseback.

Chiu does digital painting of whimsical and bizarre animals (particularly rabbit-sort-of-things), more realistic animals like cats and dogs (though in fanciful interpretations), and and assortment of odd characters including fairies and dragons.

Chiu sometimes works in a detailed and highly rendered style, which can give the cartoon-like aspects of his subjects an extra punch, and at other times in a looser, more casual style.


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  1. This world wouldn’t be the same without Bobby Chiu!

  2. i agree!
    i’m his fan! (:

  3. i am too….and of that Seiler dude too…

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    Twank star

    Can anyone plz tell me when Bobby chiu wuz born? im doing a biography on him and it doesent say anywhere on the internet where i looked of where hes born and when he was born, so if u kno plz email me my right email is

  5. You might try contacting him directly through the Imaginism Studios web site: