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Daniel Hauben
My wife and I were in New York City on Saturday; and while walking through Columbus Circle we came across Daniel Hauben, his French easel balanced on the edge of a fountain, painting a complex and large scale pieln air painting of a view down Eighth Avenue.

Most often, plein air painting is associated with relatively small paintings that can be finished in one session, and a short session at that given the degree to which light can change a scene in a matter of a few hours. Presumably, Hauben works on paintings of this size and complexity over the course of perhaps several days, but I was still surprised to see an artist taking on a painting like this in such a busy public space.

I asked Hauben for his card, but didn’t distract him beyond that with questions, and looked up his web site when I got home. His confidence in taking on this kind of challenge comes from over 25 years of plein air painting, largely in the Bronx, but also in other states in the U.S. as well as several other countries around the world.

Hauben paints primarily in oil for his cityscapes, both plein air and in even more complex studio works that often depict large scale panoramas of the city.

Some of my favorites, though, are his richly textured and strong-hued pastel landscapes of more rural scenes. There is also a section of landscapes in oil, easy to miss as it’s only linked from the bottom of the page of pastel landscapes.

Likewise, it’s easy to miss the section of street scenes linked from the bottom of the cityscapes page, and more street scenes linked from the bottom of that page.

There is also a section devoted to Puerto Rican Life in the Bronx, others for portraits, world travels and September 11th, and section for graphics as well as work in bronze and oil relief paintings.

There is an interesting section outside the gallery, linked from the main navigation, for Inches From My Easel, excerpts from a series of anecdotes and stories of Hauben’s experiences over the course of painting on location for 25 years, and a section called Artist @ Work, with photographs of the artist painting on location across the Bronx and around the world.


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  1. Harriet Peltzman Avatar
    Harriet Peltzman

    Danny, your fame is spreading near and far — and rightfully so! Your paintings just blow me away! They always have and I suppose they always will!

  2. vanderleun Avatar

    Server for artwing not coming online.

  3. Bill Smart Avatar
    Bill Smart

    I have been a big fan of Danny Hauben for about twenty years, and own about six oils, watercolors, and lithographs.

    Can anyone who might read this explain to me — this is totally unrelated to Danny Hauben — why painting from photographs is so frowned on by art critics? (I guess I thought of this because Danny is a plein air painter. Please write me if you have any opinions or information on this topic.

    Bill Smart

  4. i don’t know why painting from photographs is frowned upon, but compared to painting in plein air or otherwise from life, just with my limited experience, i’d say that painting from a photograph doesn’t give me a good feel for the environment and context of what i’m painting. i don’t get to experience it directly, but just through the lens of a camera – it’s already been filtered once before it gets to the filters of my brain and my medium.

    but i also think that there’s a sort of subconscious idea that if you paint from a photo you’re “copying,” maybe because the photo could already be considered art. which is goofy in the extreme, i think, because you still have to actually put the paint together in a way that reflects reality and your take on it.

  5. i have been a fan of danny’s for years for many reasons. one thing his work has done is give the bronx a sense of stature and acceptance that might otherwise be overlooked: yes, our neighborhoods are beautiful!

    for the blogger who couldn’t access danny’s website… make sure you put the www in. it usually works that way.

  6. Nice to receive here in Paris fresh news with fresh paintings of my good old friend Danny. Now, I am looking forward to a live webcast of Danny painting right in the middle of NYC!

  7. Danny’s paintings are like him, honest and straight forward. He has a good sense of composition, and movement of paint.
    He lets the viewer know how he sees his world. He has the ability to portray humanity with all it’s complexities and humor.

  8. Mr. Hauben will teach Compositional Improvisation: Painting in the Urban Environment workshop this coming Monday June 16, 2008. You can get more information on Art Students League website just follow the link.
    We still have a couple of spaces available ๐Ÿ™‚
    Evgenia Fisher
    Studio Coordinator

  9. John Hanks Avatar
    John Hanks

    At least one reason painting from photos is frowned on is that the photos distort both the images and the colors. There is very much a tendency in photos to flatten or compress the scene; to loose depth. On the other hand, one can certainly see that photos provide a great aid to a painter, even one who works primarily out of the studio. Almost always some of the work will be done in the studio, so it is handy to have sketches and photos to use as reference for completing a work or for painting a larger painting.

  10. my friend and brother danny….
    i love your paintings very much and as daniel arizon says, the “freshness” of the situations you paint and the strong colours enspire me to continue my artwork in AUSTRIA………..
    love to watch you in the streets of the world ๐Ÿ™‚