Ambera Wellman

Ambera Wellman
Ambera Wellman started experimenting with oil painting in 2004 at the age of 22. She has just moved from being a self taught artist to being a student at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design last year. She already seems to be finding a mature voice, at least in one series of paintings.

If you browse back through her blog you will find paintings, and a few drawings, of a variety of subjects, but it is her series of paintings of skies and clouds that immediately grabbed my attention.

Great sheets of cloud masses, in turn glowing with brilliant color or dark with more subtle tones, roil and billow across her canvasses. Some of her skies are luminescent with reflected light, almost as if the clouds were generating their own light. In the darker canvasses, they have the opposite feeling. as though the cloud forms were devouring the light.

In her older works, the landscape above which the clouds do their stuff is more varied and often busier with foreground objects; in her more recent work, she keeps the foreground in check and lets the clouds and skies dominate.

Wellman also has a dedicated web site, in which, in addition to her land/cloudscapes, you will find her photorealistic portraits as well as an interesting selection of reproductions, in which she has replicated well-known paintings.

Unlike the more common factory-like process of churning out reproductions of the same painting over an over (see my post on Dafen, China), Wellman has made the copying of these paintings part of her learning process. I don’t know if she chose the paintings to reproduce, or if they were commissioned on request, but they vary from Ingres to Modigliani to Vermeer to Chagall to Delacroix, and she apparently picked a few things about skies from her study of Monet and N.C. Wyeth.

In preparing for a new exhibit of her cloud-themed landscapes at the Black Duck Gallery, in Lunenburg, NS, she recently asked her blog readers to give her feedback on which of five paintings to choose for the advertisements to accompany the show; perhaps indicating that though she is mature enough as a painter to have a clear voice, she is young and open minded enough to step back and look at the response her images elicit from others in judging her path.

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  1. Ambera has a really strong sense of design.
    The feelings provoked by the color and brushwork in her cloud paintings is almost dream like.
    Her charcoal drawings are amazing too.
    I am glad that you featured her work.

  2. The bottom painting here is extremely vivid and realistic. I can feel and smell what the air is like. Fantastic!

  3. I love Ambera’s paintings for their powerful and moody effect and for the colors that are so varied and complex – she is an inpiration and I’m looking forward to her show.

  4. I want to thank you for introducing me to this artist! I found your site on google and stumbled upon Ambera’s paintings on your post…truly inspiring! I am a contemporary landscape painter myself and it is always fun discovering someone else that is so moved by the world around them.
    AND I should say, that you are a wonderful writer! Thank you for having such a great website!

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