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More Fractals on COLORlovers

Fractal images on COLORlovers (Apophysis)
The COLORlovers blog, which I mentioned in this post and in my post on the History of the Color Wheel, has posted an article with a nice collection of Fractal Art.

I find these kinds of images, created by manipulating the paramaters by which certain mathematical functions are interpreted, to be endlessly fascinating; both for their intricate beauty, and for the intriguing relationship they have to natural forms, organic and inorganic.

Most of the images in the article are linked to originals on Flickr, where you can view large, high-resolution versions; and get an appreciation for the delicate latticeworks of color and form, and the descend-into-infinity nature of their recursive relationships .

Many of the Flickr sets are part of photo streams that are associated with the Club Apophysis group pool, named for the open source fractal flame Windows software, Apophysis.

The COLOURlovers article also includes some nice examples of fractal patterns found in nature, with images of plant forms, seashells, river basins and coastlines, and goes on to mention and show some of the winners from the Benoit Mandlebrot Fractal Art Contest 2007, named for the mathematician who coined term and created the original mathematical expressions on which images like these are based.

See my previous articles on Benoit Mandlebrot, the Benoit Mandlebrot Fractal Art Contest 2007 and Flame Fractals.

(Above: fractal images by longan drink, exper and Lynn)


2 responses to “More Fractals on COLORlovers”

  1. Fractals have a very spiritual invocation. These ones you have posted are very nice, I especially like the top one.

  2. Fractal John Doe Avatar
    Fractal John Doe


    Firstly i would like to apologise to all if this message is being interpreted as spam. Frankly, i have no business connection what soever with the owner of (refer to as shaamtfractal). I would like to appeal to any person who knew the owner of the site to contact me personally or through this blog.
    I have being following shaamtfractal since i stumbled upon it 3 weeks ago from a search engine. It seems that the fractal pattern is quite unique in the sense that it doesn’t match to any of the conventional formula known. I have failed to replicate it using any technique known (especially “Conflict Chamber 4”, “Turning Point 2” and most of it in the gallery). I am looking from the academic’s perspective and not from the artistic’s perspective because to me color & shade could easily be manipulated using a wide range of graphic tools.
    Some of my academic collegue gave an opinion that the image could probably being produced from a high-end graphic software but they are amazed when i showed them the enlarge original’s image (7680 x 5760) because it exposed the very fine detail of the unique pattern not found in others fractal pattern. “Medussa Belt” clearly show a grow-like pattern.
    I have tried in vain to get more details regarding the formula used from the site’s owner but the reply is that it is an industrial secret.
    BTW, i am not trying to steal any formula from the site owner but just trying to get some clue regarding the formula & technique used to produce the said images and hoping that fractal theory could made a significant leap forward.

    Fractal John Doe
    -Fractal Math for civilisation advancement.