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One1more2time3's Weblog
One1more2time3’s Weblog is a blog written by animated film industry production designer Hans Bacher.

Formerly based in Europe, the U.S. and Tokyo, Bacher is now in Manila, Philippines and writes about a number of animation and production art topics.

According to Michael Hirsh’s Articles & Texticles, Bacher had been blogging previously on a different platform, stopped for a time and has recently relaunched his blog on WordPress.

I don’t know if he will eventually bring his archives from the older iteration of the blog over to the new one. I hope so, because the current crop is fascinating, informative, insightful and crammed full of great illustrations (what more could you want from an animation blog?).

The most recent article (as of this writing) is about 4 masters, production artists who Bacher has had the opportunity to work with, one of whom is Alex Niño, who I recently profiled.

Of particular interest in the articles currently available are several on the nature and production of backgrounds for Disney’s classic Bambi. One of them discusses the range of greens in the background paintings, displays them as a palette, and talks about the predominance of saturated, intense colors in modern animation backgrounds vs. the more subtle and naturalistic backgrounds in the older classics. There is a related article about the rendering of rocks. (This discussion would be of interest to contemporary landscape painters as well.)

The image shown above is a screen capture of Bacher’s article about perspective, referencing a blog post by John Krikfalusi on the topic and showing backgrounds from Disney’s Clock Cleaners.

This looks to be a blog worth watching.

[Link via Articles & Texticles]


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